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M. J. Enterprises is one of the oldest Aluminium and Glass fabrication company in India with efficient, flexible and reliable work force who have years of experience in the said field.

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Our workshops are well equipped with the technologically advanced machineries and tools for various processes over Aluminium and Glass materials.

We have exposure across projects like residential, industrial, commercial and institutional buildings and also have facility to undertake any kind of challenging jobs and services. The above functions are executed in the frame of TIME and BUDGET attached to the project.

Our customers are able to take advantage of our expertise and experience in allied areas as well, by associating us with the project at the Project conceptions and design stages, so that our advices can be incorporated in the project. This helps our customers optimize the space, make greater use of natural lighting, achieve a higher level of architectural beauty, while providing privacy, exclusiveness, noise reduction and energy efficiency. Few examples of our projects